Thursday, October 12, 2006

Visiting the Elderly

Yesterday I made brownies with the boys in the morning. I let them split open the eggs after I had cracked them, but they didn’t like getting the runny stuff on their fingers! They love helping in the kitchen, so this was kind of a treat for them. They also stirred the mixture a bit for me. As usual my brownies didn’t turn out too well, but they’re edible. I took the boys for a (very) quick visit to the Haven, just across the road, because I want to make visiting old people part of our regular schedule. It was extremely awkward though, because we were directed to a lounge where a number of ladies were sitting, so we had to just sit where we could and chat to the person next to us, and unfortunately had deaf ladies on either side. I don’t quite know how to overcome this and find out who can have a conversation, but we’ll keep trying anyway. We only stayed for about 15 minutes, and then it was their tea-time which I didn’t want to intrude on. Caleb had fun, and was disgruntled at only having had such a short time chatting. Aaron only petted a cat on a lady’s lap but was too shy to speak to anyone.

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