Friday, October 20, 2006

Album ready for launch

Nick’s recording sessions are finished now – the album he’s been helping with is finished and ready for release next month, and there has been a bit of publicity in the local papers. This is the first CD to be locally recorded and produced. There was one article all about it, mentioning that Nick Clevely, a professional guitarist, has provided invaluable help. He is apparently now known as the best guitarist on the island, according to someone who phoned shortly after the newspaper article, wanting to use Nick for an old-people’s gospel venture. Someone we haven’t met yet, a Mr Timm, who is apparently a Christian who has just returned to the island after being in the Cape for many years. An Anglican, but he wants to use his talents for the Lord and really get involved in doing things. Sounds like the kind of man we’d like in our church!

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