Saturday, October 28, 2006

Shopping expedition

Wilson took us shopping this morning. I arranged for Maureen to babysit, so just after 9 this morning, Nick and I met Wilson in town for some grocery shopping. We went to Thorpes, and Nick and Wilson trailed around behind me while I loaded baskets. He said I mustn’t be scared to put things in the basket, he really wanted to spoil us because he doesn’t know if he’s going to see us again, so that’s what I did. I was still quite conservative in what I bought, but it was well-timed since I hadn’t done my grocery shopping yet. Then he took us and Jean to Ardees for coffee, and Nick and I ordered a plate of chips to share and went to get our drinks. In the meantime, Wilson ordered three ham and cheese sandwiches, so Nick and I shared one of those too. So yummy – all the works, cheese, tomato, ham and lettuce. The local lettuce is not your regular rabbit-variety. It’s more like rocket, quite tasty actually, it has a spice of its own and I find it quite palatable. I haven’t had fresh tomato in ages, it was wonderful to bite into a crispy slice of it. I helped the boys to make birthday cards for Nick this afternoon while Nick was out at the prison, so he will be getting two very home-made cards from the boys with glitter, wiggle eyes and foam fish, and lots of terribly-spelt happee borthbay greetings. I am giving him a DVD of his favourite guitar-playing person, which I ordered from Amazon (it’s not a surprise for Nick, unfortunately…)

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