Thursday, October 05, 2006

Scrapbooking Buddy

Elsa, my South African friend, picked us up this morning, and we drove out to Fairy Land in Bluehill. We were hoping to picnic there, but it was drizzling and windy, so we thought we’d try somewhere else. You can have so many different weather patterns going on at once on the island, so it’s worth trying different places for different weather. We were in luck at Rosemary Plain, where the sun alternated with severe cloud and wind. Had a good picnic – Elsa made sandwiches, and had used genuine South African cheese, which someone had imported for her. Yum! Not that the island cheese is bad at all, in fact it’s pretty good cheddar, but some fresh Gouda went down well. Elsa is quite keen on scrapbooking too, but like me she has never gotten into it. She had a look at the catalogues I had brought along, and has now also caught the bug and will be looking into acquiring supplies.

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