Monday, October 16, 2006

Local Friend

At last, the RMS is back in James’ Bay. She’s been gone for five weeks, so many people, including us, went to the docks this afternoon, just for the sake of seeing her again. We went down shortly after she sounded her horn, and stayed for about an hour, leaving just after the first bus-load of passengers had come through. It was fun being there – sort of like being at the airport, with all the buzz and excitement.

Yesterday, after the Good News Club, Callum stayed behind to play with Caleb and Aaron. They played in the back for a while, and we also had two girls with us who we needed to lift home to Half Tree Hollow. We decided to make some sandwiches and take the boys out to Plantation, thinking it would be nice for them to run around there. It was fun indeed, and somehow having another little boy there made our boys more interested in running around and climbing trees. The intrepid explorers had a quick look at a cave across the road. They all got extremely silly together though which is unfortunate but to be expected. At one point we had to rebuke blasphemy from Callum and ban it from his conversation. All the little kids, even the primary age, make use of the Lord’s name in vain and swear regularly. They pick it up in school, from their parents, older siblings, and the DVDs they are permitted to watch.

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