Sunday, October 29, 2006

Boys, boys, boys

Quite a nice day today, weather-wise – bit of a cloudy morning but the afternoon was lovely, even to the point of being hot. We had the sprinkler on this afternoon for the boys to play in (and for the grass of course!). We finally convinced the boys that if they stand in the middle of the sprinkler, they don’t get very wet, so that’s what they did.

This morning Callum’s granny phoned to ask if he could stay with us after GNC, which was fine by us, since we didn’t have a plan for the day. We also ended up with Andrew and Harry for a while, and another boy, Michael, also hung around since he didn’t have to be anywhere else, so for a while there were six boys running around outside. It was great fun.
I have been suggesting to Nick for a while now that he might enjoy reading the Francine Rivers Mark of the Lion series, and this afternoon he picked up the first book. He is probably almost halfway through it already since he has huge blocks of uninterrupted time that he can use (what a luxury), and he’s really enjoying it!

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