Friday, October 05, 2012

Too chicken to cross the road?

Thursday and Friday morning of camp started with small group bible studies (after breakfast of course; one can't think of important things on an empty stomach). It was hugely beneficial to discuss what Conrad had been speaking on, and really flesh out how we can apply it personally. My biggest challenge is, as Conrad put it, to 'cross the road' - quite literally. There are neighbours up and down our street who quite possibly have never heard the gospel - the good news - about the solution to the predicament of our sin and separation from God. A good way to start is by saying, 'what do you know about Jesus?' One dear lady (who until camp was a total stranger, but who quickly became a Deep and Sincere Friend) asked the question to someone and was clearly misunderstood as the answer was not what she expected..."well," said the heathen, "I like Cheddar!" On Friday afternoon of camp Nick and the other pastors and elders congregated in what surely must have been a very holy huddle as they engaged in an FRBCNZ meeting (Fellowship of Reformed Baptist Churches of New Zealand) - one or two had come to camp just for the day specifically for the meeting.  Those of us involved with next week's holiday club met up to discuss and practice the skits; we also ran a Shim-Sham lesson and played a game of Ticket to Ride.  Again, a snooze wouldn't have been a bad idea considering the late nights and interrupted sleep (I had no idea Caleb and Aaron were such noisy sleepers, not to mention Rustling-Beard-Nick-and-the-Sleeping-Bag), but what's a little lost sleep when there are so many people about?
Mealtimes were joyful affairs with excellent catering from the GBC team; hats off especially to Theresa Sinclair for leading the kitchen team and coming up with some very exotic and tasty camp food!

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