Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Canoe Song

The boys are, as a rule, supposed to practice their instruments before school - it's a good slot to get into it because they have the time, and then we all know that it's getting done.  And generally they are pretty good about it - at least in the sense that they don't grumble, although do need several reminders during the morning (along with the inevitable reminders to brush their teeth and hair, make their beds and so on).  Lately they have been voluntarily, without any prompting or suggestion, playing duets together...they decide which songs they're doing and which parts to play and get on with it, with Caleb helping Aaron when he gets stuck somewhere.  It is awesome to watch the development - not only in their skill, but in their willingness to try new pieces and tolerate one another's mistakes.  Yay boys!

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