Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fresh new faces

At our recent church camp we renewed fellowship with many of our friends who we only see annually at the camp, and also met some new faces.  A really special family who we met for the first time are Zohar and Tehila and their four children.  Our hearts were instantly bonded and we promised to keep in touch.  They live just over an hour south of Timaru so we knew it wouldn't be impossible to see each other again...we were thrilled that it happened so soon though as they came and spent the day with us - attending morning and afternoon services, and sharing a picnic lunch with several families from church at Centennial Park during the afternoon.  It was a gorgeous day with only a bit of a chill in the air, not unbearable to be outdoors...we had a splendid day with our friends, new and old!  I was sore vexed to arrive at the park and find I had forgotten my camera photos are annoying but better than nothing!

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