Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Moores, Victoria, Gregorys, Kempfs, Justus, and more of the Gregorys

All activities back to normal after the two week holidays and Nick not preaching - he was back in the pulpit with a message on of the things that we often overlook is that not only are our sins forgiven and paid for, but we ALSO have Christ's righteousness imputed to us (accounted to us) - as Christians we are not sitting on a zero balance of sin/righteousness with our sin debt paid, but we are actually 100% righteous!  Praise God!  Lunch was at the Moores along with the Gregorys, mainly for us gals to nail down a few more plans for the upcoming Ladies' Retreat next month.  Nyree served a finger-licking array of bun-fillers and salads to go with the cheese and sesame buns.  My mouth is practically watering now just thinking about it. 
Lindsay asked me to take some photographs of his carnivorous plants, which I photographed later at home so I could get the best angles, light and lenses...the plants are amazing and evidence of an infinitely ingenious Creator!
The evening service was largely hijacked by the Holiday Bible Club prize-giving and summary, with the kids doing two songs and Justus doing a quiz-recap, with chocolate being generously handed out to all and sundry. After the service we were treated to tea at the Kempf's place - it was to be a small affair but when Liz and Graham got wind of the guest list they crashed the party with their own soup...we couldn't tell if they were desperate to hang out with us, Rene and Bron, or Justus, but we sure were a jolly crowd around the table.  Thanks Bron for graciously having us all over! 

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