Sunday, October 07, 2012

Gap day between missions

With some major sleep deprivation happening it would have been awesome to sleep in, arrive at church late, have an afternoon snooze and a chilled night at home...but it was not to be with getting a plate ready for church lunch, music sorted, supplies organized, and a worship practice before church; we had church lunch together which was great, then I spent the afternoon at the church in preparation for holiday club. Nick arrived back from Christchurch mid-afternoon with Conrad who was to be our evening preacher with a final fantastic message on joyful sacrifice (Psalm 51:17-18, available on the church website).
After the service a bunch of us piled over to the de Beers' home for soup and bread - organised primarily so that Nick and Conrad could have a bite to eat before the two hours back to Christchurch, but also so that we could hang out with Conrad one last time. At 7.30 pm a few of us were back at the church to move pews and hang bunting (thanks Liz and Graham especially who couldn't be with us during the HBC week but put in their hands where possible). We left the church looking pretty good and festive, ready for a flock to arrive in the morning for an awesome week of teaching and activities!

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