Saturday, November 18, 2006

Gospel Sing

I bought two model car sets made from wood for the boys, so we painted them after school yesterday. Thankfully Nick was hanging around so he could help out too. We ended up repainting most of the bits properly, because I think the boys were going by a theory that if they slopped enough paint on one side, it would eventually seep through to the other side. Once all the painting was done, we sat gluing them together. They turned out really well and look quite cute.

The Gospel Sing last night was lovely. The church and gallery were packed to capacity, with an overflow into the schoolroom even. We’ve never seen it so full! The evening went very well, with the Salvation Army first doing their section on the Humanity of Christ, with their brass band. Then the Seventh Day Adventist Choir came up, led by Charles, and they did very well. Also in the SDA church is Tammy, so she did a duet, and there was another quartet, also excellent. Their theme was the Suffering of Christ. Finally came the Baptists, with the Exaltation of Christ. We just had each chapel doing an item, and then some congregational singing and scripture readings. Nick closed with a very short sermon, preaching the gospel. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the whole evening, and the feedback was good.

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