Friday, November 24, 2006

Early Christmas

This morning Caleb hit on the idea of decorating their room for Christmas. I don’t know what triggered this, apart from their seeing decorations in the shops, but whatever the reason, he decided that today was the day. Initially he cut up bits of paper and stuck them on the walls, and scribbled orange crayon on a huge piece of cardboard and made that the fireplace (our kids have obviously learned that Christmas trees don’t play any role in Christmas J). But I took pity and provided some tinsel and a few scrappy decorations from one of the passage cupboards. Then I thought that it might be fun to really do it properly, even though it’s way too early, so after lunch I went looking for proper things that we could hang on the ceiling. Not too much available though and quite pricey, so instead I bought some Christmas wrapping paper and we made paper chains. I screwed hooks into the ceiling boards and strung the paper chains across them, reminiscent of the decorations at 6 Protea Rd. Well, the boys are all excited about Christmas now.

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