Saturday, November 04, 2006

German again

The first cruise ship of the season is in anchorage this morning (good thing the two navy ships left yesterday, to make space). Caleb described the ship as “chunky”. You can see why! It’s huge, and a beauty. The ship carried mostly German passengers, so I accosted some of them in the street and practiced my German. I was so excited about it! One couple that I spoke to could speak less English than I could speak German, so I felt very comfortable chatting to them. I could actually make myself understood, and understand and answer their questions. It was really great being able to speak the language again, and particularly hear it spoken. I was very surprised that I could actually speak it enough to converse with genuine German-speakers. At one point there were about five tourists around me, because the one said I could speak German so they all came flocking.

This morning there were kids coming around knocking on the door wanting pennies for their “guy” – it’s Guy Fawkes tomorrow, so today is the day where they go around with their home-made guys in prams or boxes. I’m ignoring them though. I’m not about to hand out money to 100 kids!

After the GNC, we took a drive down to town because we heard that there was a trade fair on the go, which was reasonably uninteresting. On the way down, Tammy stopped us – they had just finished their Sabbath Service – to give us a copy of the CD. Nick put it on as soon as we were home, and we are very impressed with it. She has a beautiful voice. Nick’s guitaring is very good and he’s had a lot of positive feedback.

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