Saturday, December 17, 2005


Today was business as usual. It was a bit strange not having a holiday on the 16th! After popping out to the shops, I came home for the boys and we went together to Knollcombes to collect some pinecones for around the fireplace. Had a bit of a look at the graveyard and tombstones. I pointed out some to the boys and told them how old the people were, and where there was a baby and his mother next to him who died a year later, and things like that. They found it quite interesting. After the boys’ sleep (well, Aaron’s sleep, Caleb just played quietly), Nick came home from prison ministry and we all went to the pool. The boys loved the big pool, and Caleb progressed some more with swimming. He’s doing very well. Today he jumped from the stairs into the water where Nick was standing by, and he went under but came up without complaining. Caleb and Aaron are both so keen to swim, it’s fun to watch them. Then after supper (Tuna steaks, yummy) we went to the church for our carols evening. It was a simple affair, only lasted about an hour which included a short message by “Pastah”, but it was lovely. I sang a duet on one verse of silent night with Maureen, and it was fine. The various chapels had prepared song items, and there were different readings.

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