Thursday, December 22, 2005


I write this from an overcast, but not downcast, island. Yesterday and today the day started off with rain, clearing later in the morning. Today though, the afternoon clouded over again and we’ve had a bit more rain. Lovely! The ship came back from Ascension about half an hour ago and sounded its horn, so now it is sitting in the anchorage again.

This morning we went for a walk. Nick doesn’t have bible studies to prepare for this week or next week, so although he is starting to prepare for a new series next year, he does have a bit of spare time, so we wanted to do something. You can’t just pop out to watch a movie or walk around a shopping mall, and anything you do is really outdoors. So we took to the mountain in town which looks onto Jacob’s Ladder, ie the mountain on our right as we face the sea. We tried one of the listed walks in the book I bought, which took us from Castle Gardens up the mountain to Munden’s and the batteries, old fortresses and things. Quite an interesting outing, very tiring, but the boys coped okay. Aaron fell while running on the way back, so has a very bloody knee as he reopened an old wound from Sunday or so. Silly billy. I have been doing some more painting – I started on Monday morning, just the door in the bathroom, and finished it yesterday. Having put in the cleat and toggle on the blind, I want to get the bathroom completely finished. Today I painted the old wooden chair standing in the bathroom, sort of a whitewash effect with watered down paint.

Last night was the Pilling Primary School Christmas Concert, in which the Jamestown Baptist Choir (as they are called, actually just a bunch of people in our church who love to sing) was participating with two songs. It was an outdoor thing, starting quite early with a car boot sale. We already have a car boot so didn’t feel the need to buy another one, even if it was on sale, so we went across at about 7ish, and things were still happening with the bazaar. We picked up a plastic bag of assorted Lego for £1.50 which is very cheap. The singing part only started after about 7.30, and since it was quite windy and a bit chilly, I took the boys home rather with the intention of letting them fall asleep and then sneaking back to the school for the remainder. Well, eventually Caleb was still awake and I wanted to get back, so I just left anyway. He did fall asleep on his own, unaware that I had left.

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