Sunday, December 18, 2005

Boer War Cemetery

We’ve had a super day so far. Nick had prayer meeting at 08h00, then after that I went next door to the chapel as well as they were starting to set up the schoolroom for tomorrow’s tea after the combined service, so I helped put out cups while Caleb ran around and Aaron ran into tables. Then we took a little drive to Knollcombes (same as yesterday), as Nick had to collect the communion set for tomorrow’s communion at the combined service. We packed a little picnic (juice, mixed nuts, Peanut Butter Cups and a packet of half-mouse-eaten tennis biscuits) and after collecting the stuff, walked down and into the countryside, ending up at the Boer War Cemetery. Didn’t really have a look at the names of those who died, but we found a spot in the shade on the grass, it was so nice. The sky was clear blue and it was hot, but in the countryside it was a bit cooler than in town with a gentle breeze, so most pleasant altogether. Had a swim in the afternoon, and finished off with ice-creams at the poolside. Tonight we have Steve and Maureen coming around to babysit because Nick and I are going into town to browse around the shops and see the lights and feel the evening atmosphere in town. I’m quite excited about it, looking forward to it, will be nice to be in the shops with Nick and without the boys. We also need to buy a few presents for some people, and get a couple of stocking fillers for the boys.

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