Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Aaron's Birthday

What a LOVELY day it’s been. The weather was superb, quite hot, but almost a cloudless sky until about 4pm, and only a bit of a breeze. Aaron had a great birthday – we hid his presents in the lounge, so this morning was great fun for him to find them and then open them, and then he and Caleb played with all the new stuff. I made cupcakes, and then at 10.30 Steve and Maureen joined us to go to Plantation House, where we had tea and some goodies. I had taken three candles and a box of matches to light the candles, which we stuck into one cupcake, but when I opened the box the matches were finished! Doh! Well, we pretended to light the candles and blow them out. After that, we went for a walk through the woods, and then back home for sandwiches for lunch. The boys slept while we played with their toys and chatted more with S&M, then they left and I did some sewing. I took the boys to the paddling pool this afternoon, and then it was time to come home, make supper, eat, bath and go to bed! So it was a very busy and enjoyable day. As we suspected, Aaron was spoiled by church folk as well – £5 from someone, a set of clothing from someone else, playdough from S&M, and a yellow beetle which lights up, drives itself, puts its roof up and down, and plays music to “High on the hills was a lonely goatherd-a-lay-hoodalayee-hoodalay-hee-hee” It’s precious, but one of those gifts that has to be limited to about two minutes at a time! That was from Uncle Teddy and Aunty Brenda, and they have bought another one for Caleb for Christmas. We bought him a fire truck that opens up and inside is a little world – roads and a parking garage and car launcher and all sorts of fun stuff, with five little cars. The Zoob from Lara also went down well, particularly with Caleb.

Yesterday, our anniversary, was also a good day. Paul, the prisoner, didn’t escape from church, he enjoyed the service. After church he joined us for lunch, then Nick took him back to the prison, and we headed out to a camping area/picnic spot to try the kite again. But, again we were unbreezed, so it didn’t work. Also, the kite probably wasn’t a very good design, so we are going to try to find a proper kite in the shops.

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