Sunday, September 16, 2012

Who's a Pretty Pat then?

Excellent church services again today (s always)...Nick is teaching on the topic of worship in the evening - this will be a mini-series for the next few weeks. Very interesting and challenging. After the pm service we had another practice for the upcoming Talent Show, then brought home with us Liz, Graham, Justus, a rabbit, and fish and chips, the rabbit being an escaped lost pet which the Gregorys nearly over, for which no home could be found after knocking on several doors. During tea we had a phonecall from the owners who had tracked us down as people from the church - we were so glad to return the bunny and meet his owners, who happen to live next door to our church and who attend church elsewhere in Timaru!  Rene and Bron joined us at 8 for a game of Balderdash (but first a swing dance demo from the Gregorys and Clevelys over a tiny lounge dance-floor).  The boys stayed up for the game, with Caleb coming out as the winner - beating seven educated adults!  Good on you, First Born.  At 10 pm they were sent to bed, bleary eyed but victorious; no one else exited the lounge so we brought out a few snacks to go with some deep and lively conversation.  At 11.30 pm we were getting tired with accompanying giggling, which was when we opened up Photo Booth...we all had a go before showing Pretty Pat (Mom, I know you'll be thanking me) which was received with more hilarity and, I think, large amounts of incredulity at my otherwise prim and proper mother who unleashed her inner comedienne for the camera in January when they were visiting!

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