Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nothing small about them

A few months ago Bethany told me that TCS was invited to a New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in Miniature concert...I asked if I could go along as a parent helper, or as part of my office job, or to help with transport, or child mind, or wipe noses - really, it didn't matter to me what role I fulfilled so long as I could get to watch the orchestra!  And thus it was that today I was one of three adults walking a group of 25 children (Caleb's class) from TCS to Timaru Girls' High - a fine morning for a brisk walk, indeed.  We weren't sure exactly what the miniature part meant - the thought of a junior concert was less appealing but still exciting; we discovered that it meant a smaller ensemble, ie 19 members instead of their usual 90 making up the NZSO - one instrument from each section represented.  They took us on an hour-long tour around the musical world and it was absolutely thrilling.  Caleb particularly enjoyed Brahms' Hungarian Dance #5, as did I - performed by the string quintet (first and second violins, viola, cello and double bass).  We are inspired afresh!   
After the concert ended I wondered aloud to Bethany whether I would be able to get a photo with the violinists - she said go for it, but I had to get her to come along to be the photographer!  So here I am with Gregory Squire, one of the First Violinists.

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