Sunday, September 30, 2012

The T-Ks, Ps and Cs to T

Nick was off duty this morning with John preaching - he doesn't often get to sit in a pew during the sermon. After the evening service, Part II on Worship, we shared a scrumptious meal of roast lamb, roast chicken, potatoes, pumpkin and several more veggies (yum) at the T-K's house along with the Phillipses. We were a big crowd to entertain and Chrissy, Jeremiah and Isaac did it with aplomb!
Daylight Savings started today (technically we had to get up an hour earlier, but no one missed church which was an hour earlier too) - so it was day time until about 7.45 pm! Our long summer days always seem to start so quickly - from now until about March next year the sun will set between 7.45 and 9.45 pm. Yippeeeeeee!!!!

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