Friday, September 21, 2012

17th to 21st

Monday: Back to work and school (feeling a little worse for wear after a midnight bedtime), violin with Jemima.
Tuesday: No basketball this week, so a relaxed afternoon after school.
Wednesday: Rushed the boys to the Warehouse for Caleb to buy a rip-stick on special with his pocketmoney.  Music lesson for Caleb; home for a quick tea, time to play on brand new rip-stick before bible study.  Caleb fell off and hurt his arm badly.
Thursday: Caleb's arm still hurting - had Grant assess it at school in his official capacity as a volunteer ambulance driver; felt it could be a hairline fracture.  Administered panadol and put it in a sling, and informed his teacher that he was please to be excused from any useful activity!  Caleb still managed to do some maths and other work on the computer using his left hand.  First evening of our Level 1 swing class - we've graduated from 'Beginner' status.
Friday: Nick and I had a lunch date at Subway; family pizza and movie night.  Thought the Witches of Oz looked like a good option but it was nearly three hours (170 minutes) of absolute drivvel, shocking acting, useless directing, dreadful CG effects, and ridiculous scripting.  I kept drifting off (tired after that week) only to wake up to the same witch shouting "Give me the key" to the same people.  I kid you not - I slept through a good third of the movie but kept waking up to the very same repeated line.  NOT recommended!

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