Thursday, December 17, 2009

Solitary photowalk and farewell dinner

I woke up this morning wondering what I was going to do with myself all day, with no plans, engagements, or packing to do. I don't enjoy days that are wide open like that as they tend to drag! Nick took himself off on a long walk as he was wanting to do Lot's Wife's Ponds, a walk which I was not keen on. The boys and I left for town around 9.30, finding Nick along the way so we gave him a lift cross-country to White Gate. We did a bit of shopping in town then shared a toasted baguette at the coffee shop before heading up to the manse to drop some boxes off. Spent some time with Graeme and Hazel, then came home around 2.30 and watched an episode of Thunderbirds. Nick came home at about 4 pm after a long day of walking about. He got a bit lost, he says, and couldn't find the path to the ponds but had an excellent photographic walk around the area: In the evening we had supper at Gavin and Tammy with another family as well, who we have gotten to know and enjoy over the last couple of weeks – a very companionable evening!

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Genevieve said...

Lovely, lovely photos!
It would be fun to do an exhibit of photos from different people of the same natural features on SH. Kyle has a couple that are similar but not exactly the same as Nick's, like they were standing in a slightly different spot.