Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nearly packed up

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel regarding the packing now. I think I am about 99% done with the house. All that remains really is to sort the boys’ clothes, and for Nick to do his end of things in his office. It’s exciting to see the chaos giving way to order. Amy and the boys dropped by during the morning and while the boys watched a Thunderbirds episode, Amy and I had a chance to chat over tea. After lunch I took the boys to town; dropped them off at the swimming pool and then ran errands and did shopping. I ran into Pam in town who although is not really on school holidays as some kids still have classes, was only working a half day. After wandering around town for a while we went up to her place where I had a cup of water and a short sit-down. I was about to go to the manse to drop some things off and then head home, when I remembered that I should have had the boys with me! I was half an hour late in picking them up; what a shocking parent I am. At least I remembered before actually leaving town. In the afternoon Nick had a guitar lesson with Elizabeth so I chatted with Shanling and Elizabeth’s uncle who is on the island on holiday.

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