Saturday, December 19, 2009

Battered at the Battery

Called in at Pam and Geoff during the morning to see if they could come with us on a walk. Pam had things to do but Geoff was keen, and Maddy was out with a friend. We had lunch at their place (the last Saturday lunch L), then headed off to Ruperts’ to do the Banks’ Battery walk. It’s a pleasant walk, fairly easy, around part of the coastline to an old battery. We were surprised at how rough the sea was today and it became apparent that Nick and Geoff would not be able to swim as they had hoped. Instead, they with the boys walked around to some rocks for a bit of exploration. On our previous visit with the Williamsons we had sat on the rocks and looked at the sea urchins in the pools; Genevieve had sketched some of the stonework and arches, and we had a pleasant lunch. This time the rocks were treacherous as the sea pounded against them. I wasn’t watching so can’t describe exactly what happened but saw a little later a very drenched Aaron with cut fingers standing crying while Caleb was climbing a rock face to get out of the path of the water; Nick was slowly working his way back to safety and Geoff had also been soaked. A rogue wave caught them all, washing right over Aaron and carrying one of Geoff’s boots out to sea. It could have been so much worse – we thanked God for His protection. Steve and Maureen presented us with this beautiful clock as a farewell gift: not only is it lovely to look at, but it holds a special significance in that (a) Steve made it himself and (b) he made it from a piece of wood which was reclaimed from the Baptist buildings after the rockfall. What an incredible reminder of that event and our time on the island, and God’s grace through it all. Jean also gave us a gift of a framed sentiment and photo of the Jamestown chapel, expertly framed by one of the men in our church. These things will find a place of honour in our new home across the ocean!


Genevieve said...

OH my this sounds much worse than I initially realized! Much different than our day there. Did Geoff have to walk back in a boot and swim boot? Well...Saint Helena DOES mean adventure!

Genevieve said...

Also...this clock is simple stunning! Old wood from an old building to make something modern and sleek! Amazing!