Saturday, November 05, 2005

Halloween, Guy Fawkes and Stuff

Today has been a pleasant day, despite the weather (quite wet, it almost got up to rain today) and VERY windy. We spent most of the day at home, not doing our usual Saturday morning exploration. We did make a trip to The Emporium, where we browsed for about half an hour – not because the shop is so big, but because there are so many interesting goodies in it, especially lots of toys now that Christmas is approaching. The hardware section is also most interesting! I am pleased to say that work has begun on the double guest room (my room being the single guest room) and that we bought the material to make bedding etc. We suspect the room is going to look very nice when done, and already it’s getting the name “Granny and Grandpa’s room” for lack of something else to call it.

I finished making the duvet cover and continental pillow case for my “special room” which is looking very pretty indeed. I still need to finish off pillowcases and tie-backs, and then get stuff up on the walls, but it’s taking shape nicely. Nick still things the pink and green his horrid, but I like it more and more.

Monday was Halloween which is celebrated here, so there were trick or treaters coming around to the door every five minutes on Monday night. Then today, being Guy Fawkes day, we had kids coming around asking for a penny for the guy – they had each made a “guy” out of clothing, hats and masks, stuffing etc, which presumably they are supposed to burn tonight on a bonfire. It was vaguely annoying, but fortunately there is a pot filled with pennies left by the last pastor, so most of those were used. I certainly wasn’t about to give out 10p every time! I think some of the kids weren’t too impressed at getting only a penny or two, but really, there were a lot of kids.

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