Sunday, June 22, 2014

Flyin' with the birds

I must remind myself in future, when it gets to around April and I'm anticipating winter with dread, that it's not all gloom and rain and cold...we do sometimes get to sit outside and enjoy lunch in the sun! Liz and Graham kindly had us around to lunch along with Simon and Monique and the girls, who we are getting to know and appreciate more and more. 
Mmm, tucking in to a bacon and egg burger!
Caleb bought one of Callum Upfold's handmade whips (this is a spot of free advertising for Callum - get in touch with him if you would like one!).  Caleb is learning some of the different techniques for cracking it and is getting pretty good at simulating a gunshot!  Had to make sure first that the animals weren't bothered by it before letting it fly in the paddock.

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