Thursday, June 12, 2014

Basketball finals

The boys have really enjoyed playing basketball this season - they've had excellent coaches who worked the team hard, and taught them many valuable skills. To date TCS Thunder, the Year 7/8 boys' team, has been undefeated so tonight it's the final with the top two teams playing.  We were in for an exciting and nailbiting game!
Waihi's team tops were also blue, so our team had to take up pink bibs to differentiate.  Game on!
At first it seemed like it would be a close game, with TCS taking and maintaining the lead for a good part of the first half.  But sadly, the opposition picked up their game, and also sent one of our players off the court with a broken foot (we discovered later).  They're known to play
Caleb takes a free throw after being fouled...
...this one went in!
The final score was 20-15 to Waihi.  Well done to both teams, and especially our team who did well to rank so high in the competition!

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