Friday, April 18, 2014

Great (Good) Friday

Caleb turned 13 today - our first teenager living in the house! Hopefully this doesn't mean he employs grunts and monosyllables as his primary mode of communication :) He hadn't settled on what he wanted for his birthday, so we showed him the green...always appreciated! His birthday this year coincided with Good Friday, so after the present opening Nick went off to do prep for church.
We had a wonderful and blessed church service, considering the seven sayings of Christ as He hung on the cross.  We've been doing a lot of personal preparation in the week leading up to Easter, reading the chronological accounts of the week from the Gospels.  What struck me most was that Jesus continued his teaching ministry even in this final week - there was no 'the end is in sight, take a break' attitude or mentality. 
After church we collected a pot of soup and more music and instruments from home, then went to the Bothas home where we spent the rest of the day (quite literally - we left just before midnight!)
Andreas, Danielle and Betta extended an open home invitation for soup and bread, and it was a wonderful houseful of brothers and sisters in the Lord.  We acknowledge again the Lord's goodness in blessing us with this extended family. 
After lunch we pulled out instruments and sang Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs until our fingers and voices hurt :)  And then sang some more.  We have a pretty good choir!
Then followed Dutch Blitz, more tea and coffee, Wii, chatting...and then we stayed on for pizza and a movie, calling in Liz and Graham as reinforcements as they hadn't joined us for lunch.  Since it was still Caleb's birthday we thought a sci-fi movie would be fun but the Green Lantern proved most unsatisfying (except that it was fun to offer our own critique and dialogue).  Around 9 pm someone suggested watching "just the opening sequence" of Fiddler on the Roof, but somehow we got into it and watched all three hours of it.  Needed a good bit of chocolate to stay awake but even that wasn't enough!  Zzzzz...

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