Sunday, April 13, 2014

Add to the mix

Time for a hoolie at the Clevelys again - it's been too long since we've had a "let's invite heaps of people for lunch" afternoon.  It started small enough with Grant and Erinmarie (Petru and the rest are away in South Africa, and Grant joins them at the end of the term).  We wondered if the Upfolds would be making the journey from Ashburton again so planned enough food to invite them should that be the case.  That meant catering for 13 people.  After that it was a hop, skip and a jump to entice Graham and Liz, and Justus, and Victoria, and Alex and Lydia and their gorgeous wee Francesca (another new family who we are thoroughly enjoying) to join us for stew and bread.  That took us to a whopping 20 - good fun though as everyone found a suitable place in the house to scatter to.  
Below - Luke on the right, and the other unbearded fellow is none other than Nick.  We were surprised to remember how small his head actually is, having lost the bulk of it to an electric shaver this week!  (Apparently I broke his beard during a haircut when I didn't properly distinguish between the head and face hair, and made a dent in what I thought was a sideburn - that sparked a necessary trimming of said beard which Nick later confessed didn't go too well, so it got trimmed until there was nothing left).  Lydia, above, had not met this new Nick and wondered who the different preacher was.  I do miss the beard - yes, I DID like it!  (A lot!)
Seth and Callum, above, entertained Erinmarie, and Timothy, Zani and Tuia joined Caleb and Aaron for ever-popular Lego.

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