Friday, November 08, 2013

Shooting families

We called in at the Bothas this evening, initially because they were going to be watching the boys but our dinner plans got postponed until tomorrow night because of a terribly exciting 'delivery' which I shall blog in due course; since we were already on our way to their house we thought we'd keep going anyway and have a quick visit.  For his birthday last month, Nick got an air rifle which will be able to pop off rabbits and possums.  The nature of the rifle doesn't require a license and it's actually quite safe and easy to use, even for the boys - under close supervision of course.  It's also not very loud, giving off just a little flat 'pop' when the trigger is pulled, so can happily be used in residential areas.  He brought it along for the ride and we all had a go, except for Betta who apparently would have put us all to shame.  It's a great activity for those of us who are competitive by nature!
I asked Andreas to take a family pic of us for my parents who requested a 'we want to show people who we are visiting' photo - ideal setting in the Botha's back garden, with the golf course in the background!
Time to return the favour...a-la casual family mode.
Anyone want to guess what Nick was doing here?  If you say "getting down with some hip hop moves" you would probably be pretty far off the mark.

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