Saturday, November 09, 2013

She's arrived!!

Bronwyn texted yesterday afternoon to say "Rosanna's started labour" - yusssss, the news we've been waiting for and a day before her due date.  I barely had time to text around to get our church folk praying before the baby was born, after a two-hour labour - we are in awe not only of Rosanna's drug-free quick-as home-birth, but of our great God who gives life and has knitted this beautiful gift together.  We thank God for a smooth delivery and healthy baby girl.  Whoohooo!  We popped in during the afternoon, along with the Kempfs, and got to meet and hold As-Yet-Unnamed, less than 24 hours after her birth.  What a privilege!  We loved the fun madhouse "everyone pitch in and do something" atmosphere - one of Elijah's sisters was in the kitchen preparing tea, another was babysitting aforementioned sister's two little girls; Rene, Bronwyn and Hannah were co-opted to read stories to Honour, Seth and Zach, and Nick and Elijah started a bible study.  I snuck about with the camera :) 
Our dinner plans with the Kempfs were all on for tonight instead of last night (what more special or exciting kind of 'delivery' is there?!)  Bronwyn is an amazing hostess (I think I may have mentioned this approximately 29 times before); calm, organized and extremely clever with her catering and presentation.  We were treated to prawn kebabs and salad for starters, and these delicious bacon-wrapped salmon thingiemabobs along with the most incredible veggie dishes imaginable.  I know there is a fancy name for the salmon thingies here as they were on the printed menus on the table, but I can't remember the name (they're not part of my regular vocabulary, you see).
It was so great hanging out with Simon and Debs (above) and Matt and Adele (below), especially over a game of Pictionary.  One can find a great many things quite hilarious if you have enough sugar in you!

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