Saturday, November 30, 2013

21 1/2 months later

In March this year my parents announced that their airline tickets for a return visit to NZ were booked and paid for - wooohooo! That gave us 8 months to anticipate and prepare for their stay. I guess that should have meant that on the morning of their arrival we would have been well prepared and ready, but actually we were doing such a flurry of last-minute vacuuming and tidying and washing dishes and hanging up washing and administering loving discipline that we ended up leaving late, arriving at the airport a good half hour after touchdown.  Imagine that Mumsie and Popsie had come through the doors after getting through customs and there had been no-one there to welcome them!  I had to commit the matter to the Lord and not worry about it during our two-hour drive to collect them.  Thankfully we still waited another 20 minutes until first sighting - what a joy to be reunited with them after two years!
We thank the Lord for their safe arrival and good health, and now have 8 weeks to enjoy together :)

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