Saturday, April 20, 2013

Not a day for nobbling

Today was such a miserable day, weather-wise, that the only thing to do (aside from reorganizing a wardrobe and shifting summer clothing to alternate cupboards) was go on a family outing to the Warehouse (where everyone...?). It definitely wasn't the weather for working on chicken coops and yards either, as Liz and Graham evidenced by also popping up at the Warehouse. Great to discuss the weekend's plans in person - decided on a soup and Balderdash evening at their place, and quickly got Viv and Marc in on the deal. I made a tomato soup in the afternoon and Liz did pumpkin; Viv brought bread and a yummy blackboy peach pudding. Balderdash was great but after one round of dashers, we got distracted with YouTubing and ended up not finishing the game, leaving Marc hanging in the lead. Fab evening with a cosy fire and so much laughter (particularly watching Mister Epic Mann) that my jaw hurt :)

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