Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Nice elf skirt, Mom"...

An obvious delight of holidays is all the extra time one has - I've been saving my craft projects for these two weeks, and have been looking forward to getting tucked into some sewing!  My tie collection hasn't grown very rapidly, but I had enough for my first project, being a skirt.  Unfortunately I mismeasured the length I'd need, using the tips as the length instead of the side where it's shorter, so the whole thing was shorter than I would have liked; the length also had an impact on the shape of the skirt, making it more straight up and down.  But on the whole I'm satisfied.
For those interested in the 'know-how', I stitched the ties together using a narrow zig-zag stitch on the inside, although a straight stitch very close to the edge might have been better.  I sewed the strips together in batches of six, then sewed the sections together - making it easier than constantly handling the entire weight and bulk.
To finish it, I inserted a zip which comes to the edge of the vertical ties, and the top ties have a single button closure (the blue button is decorative). 
Next big tie project will be a dress, I think - but I need to clean out the op shops of their stock first ;)

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