Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Meanwhile, for the non-sewers...

The boys have been largely confined to the great indoors as we've had a lot of rain, drizzle, cloud and gloom outdoors.  They've watched a DVD or two, listened to audio books, read a lot, played Lego, built a puzzle (not their idea), and have been to the shops with me.  In the brief periods of nearly-sunshine or at least non-rain, they've played a bit of basketball and hung out with the other younger kids on our street.  We have new neighbours with four children!  
Mmm, tomato soup for lunch, again - I made a pot on Saturday to take to Liz, and another pot on Sunday for lunch, which has seen us through for two more lunches!  Great photo by Aaron.
Nick has been able to work from home the last two days as he has the necessary books and resources here to do his prep.  It's been great having him around for some adult company and plenty of cups of tea.  I would surely have dehydrated by now if he were at the office!

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