Friday, March 08, 2013

Three Cheeky Schoolgirls

Whoosh, week 6 finished. A once-a-week post seems about right, as most things are now settled into regularity and we're just BUSY, but with nothing particularly newsy to share. Since the last blog, last Friday, we had a house-guest for a night, played balderdash, worked, schooled, had music lessons (I've started lessons with a new teacher - excited to see where this goes as my violin is cautiously starting to sing to me, instead of spluttering and rasping), attended bible study, visited two people in hospital, had another dance class (how to get into the double-Charleston), Caleb had an eye-exam, AND we had the exciting news that my parents are coming back to visit at the end of November, for a solid eight weeks!  Yay!

Today was a dress-up day at the school - we conceived a "T" "C" "S" day which left the themes pretty wide open.  Caleb and Aaron dressed up as sheriffs, and I joined Mrs Rentoul and Mrs Ross as students (or schoolgirls).  The three of us stood waiting at the gate before the morning bell rang, and many parents assumed that we were three Year 8s who hadn't bothered to dress as anything! 

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