Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another weekend gone by

Turned out to be a splendidly social weekend...the Gregorys arranged a hoolie for Saturday evening but between a lot of people becoming unavailable and (due to a misunderstanding in which She Who Was Supposed To Text a Bunch of People thought that Liz would be texting) a lot of people being unaware, the hoolie narrowed down to a quiet evening of hamburgers with the Clevelys and Gregorys, with Justus arriving in time for the cleanup of the meal (we stuck him in the kitchen with an electric fry-pan and his sausages), followed by table tennis until dark, and a game of  Balderdash. 
On Sunday evening after the pm service we blended in with a large crowd at the Bothas for pancakes - I didn't have my camera and didn't take a head-count, but there could easily have been 25 friends scattered around the kitchen, lounge, sitting room, back lawn, and IN the hedge (the boys found a crawl space and cavernous hollows in the greenery).  We've had a few days of fabulous autumn weather, such a blessing to be able to enjoy the evenings outdoors.

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