Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friendly faces

Nick left early this morning on a ministry matter, leaving the boys and I to our own devices.  We only got as far as washing the breakfast dishes before leaving to get to Lindsay and Nyree for a visit, haircut, and collection of a pie-warmer - a new and welcome addition to the church kitchen.  After sharing a cuppa and catching up, the boys and I went to clean the church, it being my regular rostered turn.  Caleb vacuumed and Aaron dusted - they were hugely helpful (thanks boys).  Lunch time, then a quick house-clean before going to Joan and John to photograph their beautiful home in preparation for selling.  I'm looking forward to sharing a couple of those on the blog in due course.  Home again, with just enough time to practice and collate the songs for tomorrow's worship.  Nick arrived home late afternoon, and then it was time for our evening engagement at the de Beers - a hearty housewarming gathering with a lot of familiar and friendly faces; some from church and some from school.
The pink ladies...
I think you get to the age where you're not camera shy and can't be bothered (a) putting a hand up in front of your face, (b) letting your hair fall over your face (c) turning your back to the camera or (d) shrieking in dismay.  Very liberating photographing Bev and Marg!
Not "it was THIS big"... rather, "it would have been fulfilled then" - discussing Zephaniah.
Actually I was trying to get a photo of Mark Pavelka, below...
And so ended an unusual week - I had a mole cut out and some other things frozen on Tuesday afternoon, which immobilized me for the rest of the day (I had to cancel my violin lesson, but sure enjoyed the day of rest).  Aaron missed his oboe lesson on the same day because of parent interviews, and then Caleb missed his violin lesson on Wednesday because he had developed such an extreme, albeit temporary, cough during the afternoon.  The week ended up being a lot more mellow than it would have been otherwise! 

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