Friday, June 08, 2012

We haven't outgrown the Muppets after all

While *most* other parts in NZ had snow on Wednesday night and Thursday, Timaru had No Snow. Good old Place of Shelter.  Disappointing, but on Friday when the sky was clear and the temperature had risen strangely and we had no slush to wade through, we were happy :)  Hockey was entirely bearable without the regular bite in the air and it was an interesting game with the two senior St Joseph's teams versing each other - Caleb and Aaron would have faced one another but Aaron subbed on Caleb's team.  The game was good with a lot of action from one side to the other, but in the end the Clevelys were on the victor's side.  Well done lads!  The game was early enough for us to do our Friday Family thing with pizza and a movie - we hired The Muppets!  I think collectively we all rolled our eyes a little at the prospect but it was the only new release worth watching that we hadn't seen...turns out it was really entertaining with no blasphemy and some surprise musical numbers that had Nick and I shaking our heads and laughing in disbelief at the 80s styling - utterly and unashamedly stereotyped.  It was excellent and we'd actually recommend it! 

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