Friday, June 01, 2012


I simply had to rush outside when I saw this rainbow in the clouds - as if the clouds themselves weren't spectacular enough!  Glory to God.  Below, our resident cat.  It's not ours - we neither feed it nor allow it indoors, but it has adopted us nonetheless.  In the morning it's there on the front door mat, waiting to be petted and stroked and loved.  We guess its owners aren't very affectionate, which is such a shame given the friendly nature of this feline. 
On Friday night, after Caleb and Aaron played together on the same hockey team, we were treated to a games evening at Liz's shop - table tennis was set up upstairs and fuss-ball downstairs, as well as heaps of board games - several I had never heard of. 
 Graham - pointing out some rules?  You wag that finger!
First introduction to an interesting game of strategy involving trains and tunnels and missions across Europe and Asia.  Took four of us about an hour to get through one playing, but is definitely a game worth trying again.

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