Saturday, June 09, 2012

Tree-chopping taboo

Today was marked in the church calendar as a Work Party Day (the kids thought it something to look forward to - they haven't been exposed to many work parties), specifically to chop down the six silver birches on the side of the church, the roots of which were interfering with the underground pipes and plumbing.  The decision to chop the trees was made months ago after lengthy debate at one of our church meetings - the tyranny of the majority won on this one but the tree-huggers were not violent in their opposition.  So, 10 am saw a group of eager men (and a few ladies) with their chainsaws, earmuffs and overalls gathered outside the church, ready for action.  It took about two hours for the trees to come down, get sawn into usable sizes and loaded onto trailers, ready for burning next year.  Sad to see them go, but it had to be done.  There was much action inside the church too with Tossing Out of Old Stuff on the go, and morning tea and lunch to be made and served.  It was a great morning of fellowship and work. 
Above: during and Below: after.  The 'after' shot was just after midday, but look at the length of the shadows!
Only stumps remaining now where these fine trees stood (sob)
Anyone notice something amiss here?
Had some time for a bit of shut-eye in the afternoon before heading off to Liz and Graham for a roast chicken and games evening, along with Mark, Viv and Genevieve.  Viv provided dessert by way of this incredible pavlova with pear and chocolate sauce - the likes of which I have never tasted but sure do hope to do again!  Played Dutch Blitz, Taboo and Ticket to Ride - all good fun. 
Liz - much gesturing in a talking-ONLY game :)

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