Thursday, May 12, 2011

Large doses of Vitamin D

Sunshine...and a wide blue sky, all day long!! What bliss. And not just sun...but a warm nor'wester on top of it. I had a load of washing hanging up before I went to my first job! Had an interesting morning with my pupil as he had been enrolled on an agricultural course for the day, so I audited. We learned about livestock and animal handling - crutching, drenching, injecting, the Animal Welfare Act, rotten hooves and blowfly, catching a sheep, not catching a was all very interesting. Next Thursday we have a practical session and I will take along my camera. Had fun at work #2 too of a completely different sort - it's amazing how the Lord has given me two such vastly different jobs, but I love it! Keeps life interesting. Got home around 3ish; Nick went off to fetch the boys and teach guitar lessons. I made a pot of soup and sorted out my grocery list so that as soon as Nick got home I could go out. Did the shopping, came home and unpacked and got the rest of tea ready. Made a batch of pesto puff pinwheels so they could bake while we ate. Cleaned the kitchen, folded the washing...and now I am tired! Tonight though I must pack for my super exciting weekend coming up - I'll be flying to Auckland tomorrow morning to spend the weekend with my cousin Joy to celebrate her 50th birthday! Whoop whoop!(5.30 pm - a few minutes before sunset...Nick out back collecting pinecones to start the potbelly fire).

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