Monday, May 05, 2014

Crafty Mining

The new term begins!  After finally adjusting to the luxury of sleeping in during the holidays it was time to get back to 6 am alarms and early mornings.  Alarms work better when you remember to set them though, which I didn't.  7.10 rolled around and I guess by then I had slept enough.  Had a bit of panic; good thing the boys' lunches were already wrapped in tinfoil and ready for the piewarmer!
Monday is Minecraft day for the boys - half an hour each.  I agreed to play a game (more for their amusement than mine) - a quick crash course over breakfast was about all I needed to get the basic movements down.  It was kind of fun and I can see the attraction.  Apparently Minecraft is quite educational for this age group and is even being used in some schools as a learning tool, as it incorporates geography, creativity, strategy and a whole bunch of other good stuff.  I wouldn't take it that far though - it certainly won't feature in next year's homeschool curriculum. 

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Genevieve said...

I have heard about a program from our homeschool supervisor that uses Minecraft to teach computer skills. (building mods...I think…can you tell how completely unfamiliar I am with this?) I haven't looked into it but I could get the information, if you are interested.