Sunday, May 04, 2014

Busy Household

Church today was such a celebration as we received Graham and Liz into membership, and so quickly that there was barely time to photograph the shaking of hands.  They've been with us for a few years, and have now made their commitment to the family 'official'!
We also had the first of two baptismal services, with Nic Lotz and Madre de Beer giving glory to God for His grace and their salvation. 
Baptisms are a family occasion as we witness the candidate's outward testimony of their spiritual death and resurrection with Christ.  We always encourage people to gather around and watch, rather than sitting formally in their pews - it's generally only the kids who are brave enough to come closer!
Being the first Sunday of the month we also shared the Lord's Supper, and had a fellowship lunch together. Such hearty fare, spiritually and literally!

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