Monday, August 19, 2013

You're a winner!

Frockstars 2013...remember the ugly dress that became something wearable?  Judging happened yesterday and I'm thrilled to say that my frock won the "Envy Award"...the dress that the judge most wanted to keep for herself!  Now I'm not sure that I want to instigate envy in anyone, but still, I'm thrilled to have won a category :)
So, what's next then?  I found this old coat at a second-hand shop which was begging for a make-over.
 The fabric is lovely - wool, I'm sure, in a blend of burgundy, red, brown, cream
It took all of Saturday afternoon to take it apart, which was when I discovered that there wasn't as much usable fabric as I'd Saturday evening was spent puzzling over the new pattern pieces on the lounge floor.  I also used a pillow-case in co-ordinating colours from the same second-hand shop, and the coat's original lining made up the rest of my lining.  All I needed to buy new was some interfacing.  Now I'm ready to sew!

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Genevieve said...

Can't wait to see what happens with the coat!