Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Deserted Wives...wives have desserts...

The Deserted Wives Club met for the first time tonight...hopefully it will be the only time! Andreas was the only deserted husband left at home, as all our other hubbies are away.  Nick and John left early on Monday morning to drive a truck to the north island to deliver John and Joan's household goods to a storage facility (so with Nick being away, bible study was cancelled, hence our free night on Wednesday); Mark and Graham were off hunting with a group, and Rene with a different hunting group.  The ladies gathered for a dinner and craft time at Liz's place.  First order of craftiness was to try fix up Liz's boots which suffered the injustice of the potroast bag exploding all over them (and the floor, and the bench, and the cupboards), leaving great oily splotches all over them.  Joan and Betta took up the task of rubbing cornflour into them which will hopefully absorb and break down the oils.
Liz stands back while the rest of attack the deliciousness that is roast beef and veggies. Yum!
The glass is never half-empty with Aaron...
Dishes in the dishwasher, pudding done (thanks to Viv, a blackboy peach crumble), we tucked into the crafting.  Everyone had different things to do - Betta showed Danielle how to crochet, Joan had embroidery, Liz made some amazing paper creation thingie, Viv was scrapbooking, Bronwyn produced an array of cards, I did some hand sewing, and the boys and Genevieve made cards for Father's Day.

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