Saturday, November 26, 2011


Another of those fabulous heat-wave days, with the temperature up to 25 (gasp).  I actually felt hot for the first time in ages.  Nick and the boys put the (huge) tent up again, and with the weather being so mild, we let them sleep in it.  They had a great evening!  It was still light at 8.45 pm so I guess they didn't get to sleep too early, but they came back indoors in high spirits this morning and not too early (I was anticipating 6 am early birds as the day has started by then). 

I, on the other hand, was awake and ready for the day at 6, so got up and started doing stuff.  I had the linen cupboard to sort through as it's become an embarrassing jumble.  Also needed to do the church bulletin and get Aaron to his ukulele concert practice; this time it all flowed along quite smoothly and his teacher is feeling more confident about next Saturday.  There are five ukuleles in Aaron's group, then another three or four younger ones, and then two groups of recorders with about seven more kids in total.  That's a big group to co-ordinate!  Came home, had lunch, played the violin, then had a worship practice at the church.  Nick is out chopping wood today, working on a huge old bluegum which was felled some time ago and which will soon be too dry and hard to cut if they don't get to it soon.  I expect him to arrive home exhausted! 

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