Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A bye-pie

Caleb has had a few loose teeth for several weeks (being 10, they're dropping out fast).  Yesterday morning a molar came out which he presented to me topped with a piece of oats from breakfast and gum mush on the other side.  Ugh!  I sent him off to clean it - he came back with it brushed!  This morning he lost another one during breakfast - I'm pleased to say that it was clean (just still wet).  Which reminds me, the Tooth Momster had better get some coins out!  Andreas and Danielle called in last night for a guitar lesson; they've been touring bits of the SI with Andreas' brother, so we haven't seen them in ages either.  D and I had a great chat in the lounge while the men made some good noises in the diningroom.
Had Grant and Erinmarie around to tea this evening - Erin leaves tomorrow morning early for the voyage west to SA; Petru, Dannica, Jayden and Dinnay left last week already.  Made a chicken pie with a note to Erin on top:

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