Tuesday, February 18, 2014

4th Anniversary

What does one do on the fourth anniversary of their arrival in a new country?  Coincidentally go on a picnic with friends, and officially become residents!
Liz and Bronwyn masterminded this gorgeous lunch-time picnic, having studied weather forecasts which promised amazing weather on today.  We generally trust the forecasts although we don't raise our hopes too high when the word snow is bandied about, or when the little icon shows all sun and no cloud.  However, today they didn't let us down.
Although we had received notification regarding our residence, today our passports arrived back from Immigration with the new stamps declaring our updated status.  We were surprised to see that we are not "permanent residents", but just "residents" - a little digging revealed that it's a minor technicality involving travel conditions which I won't worry to explain.  So, we now belong!

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